The Vice Chancellor

Prof. Chetan Trivedi

Prof. Chetan Trivedi
Vice Chancellor, BKNMU, Junagadh, Gujarat

At the outset, I compliment all the Professors, Researchers, Students and staff of this University for contributing their best to have an unique identity of the newly established Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University.

Your remarkable contribution will be real service to the society and nation. India is considered as a country of youth and youth can do wonders. Be sure about your vision, mission in life and determine your own rules for staying positive and joyous. I have faith in you all that this newly growing up University will give new heights for the future of the students. For this, I believe that to prove best, cultivate the habits of discipline and tolerance which will result into perfectness and purity in the work thereby standard of education will improve.

This University has always been committed to materialize your dreams in a best possible way. No doubt, our great University has started its journey by imparting education in the different faculties like Arts, Life Science, Languages, Sociology, Law, Commerce & Management, Medical, etc. under visionary and able guidance and countless contribution of our First Vice Chancellor Prof.(Dr.) J.P.Maiyani. The learning at our university is not confined to academics. Enormous importance is given to cultural, sports, research, extension, innovation activities and social services. We have learnt from the experiences that hard work and progressive for the opportunity, create it. One must take calculative risks in their life. If you win, you can lead. If you lose, you can guide. When the intellect is lost, you get destroyed. Excellence is inherent in every human being. All you have to do is get yourself out of the way- your desire, selfishness, ego and petty mindedness. I also appeal to all the students to concentrate on your mission which is a vital link in success. The calm mind is the essential tool for success, yet all are in varying degrees of mental agitation. The teamwork is a necessary ingredient of success. You cannot achieve anything by yourself, however talented you may be. Do not look upon your colleagues as opponents, they are partners and collaborators.

I hope, my students' community will keep all these in mind to have a grand success and achievement.

With this, May all the blessings from the Saint Narsinh Mehta shower on us and to enrich our pious thoughts of knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of the society.